About Us

.TM Domain Registry

Based in the UK, with offices in Japan and the USA, .TM Domain Registry Ltd provides a robust, state of the art technical infrastructure that makes it possible for .TM domains to operate on the Internet. This infrastructure includes an automated registration system that allows domain name registrars and .TM customers to select and register a .TM domain in real-time. The Registry also operates a "best of industry" network of name servers distributed throughout the world which provide the robustness, stability, performance and security that .TM registrars and customers can have complete confidence in when developing their online presence.

Operating a world-class infrastructure is a technically demanding task. Trained customer service representatives ready to assist its registrars and .TM customers on a 24/7 basis. This allows the .TM Registry to accomplish its stated mission: To provide .TM registrars and .TM customers with the best performing, most secure, and most trusted experience possible on the Internet. As the Registry's most important asset, .TM customers are entitled to outstanding service and innovation that helps them meet their online goals. World Map