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.TM Domain Registry

We are the administrator of the .TM Top Level Domain Name and provide this exclusive domain to discerning customers worldwide.


.TM operates a DNSSEC signed zone, operated on a secure, globally diverse anycast DNS system operated in over 40 locations. Your domain will work securely, as expected, and fast! The .TM zone is DNSSEC signed with regular key rollover and we give customers and their Registrars the ability to submit their DS Records in Real Time to ensure YOUR security and that of your Customers.

We Speak IDN

We support the latest standards for Internationalized Domain Names. This means domains such as 상표.tm, бренд.tm, ברנד.tm can be registered and used for a website. If you would like to register in your local characters, please see our IDN Code Point Policy. To obtain the encoding for domain registration your may use our free UTF8 IDN Encoder.


Competitively priced the .TM Registry gives discounts for multi-year registrations and the ability to renew names on an annual basis up to a maximum of 10 years. A volume discount is available to Registrars that are .TM ambassadors making high volume name sales per month.


Using industry standard Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Registrars can interact with the .TM Domain Registry, 24x7x365 using our multi-homed registry platform.

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