New Pricing

Unleash the Power of Savings with Our New Rebate Program!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Volume Discount Rebate Program, designed to give our Registrars more value as you grow name sales/renewals! Starting from "1st June 2024", our new pricing takes effect and you can enjoy significant savings on domain registrations with us.

Here’s How It Works:

Your retail price remains at the Registrar's discretion and our standard wholesale registration price is a competitive $400 per name per year. However, the more you register, the more your rebate credit on account! Each month, registrars can apply for a credit based on the total number of names sold or renewed transactions conducted in the month immediately preceeding the rebate request.

Domains Discounted Price
1-10 names $400
11-50 names $340 (15% rebate)
51-100 names $280 (30% rebate)
100+ names $200 {50% rebate}

No more minimum 10 year initial registration - we now follow the normal 1 year registration model

Since 2001, nic.TM has had a minimum 10 year inital registration period, starting 1st June 2024 the initial registration period can be from just 1 year. It is still possible to register for multiple years (including up to 10 years) but the option of 1 year registrations and renewals follows the industry standard. Transfers between Registrars remain the same, a minimum of just 1 year renewal is charged by the gaining registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions

The retail price is up to the discretion of the individual registrar but our RRP is $1000 per year.

00:00 GMT/UTC on June 1st 2024.

No, the new pricing structure will be in place for both new and current domains.

Yes, we highly recommend letting your customers know about the price changes and the opportunity to renew their name for up to 10 years before the change occurs on June 1st 2024.

Rebate funds will be applied as account credit at the end of each month depending on the number of names purchased in the previous month.

New initial registrations can be for a minimum period of ONE year up to a maximum of TEN years.

Yes, names can be purchased for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

Each year that is purchased counts as 1 name towards the rebate scheme. For example, if a customer buys a new domain for 5 years, that is considered as one purchase and 4 renewals for the rebate tally that month.

The rebate program is not a one-time offer, it will be granted on a permanent basis. rebate-program

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